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Psilocybe Baeocystis with a growing body of research showing psilocybin as an effective mental health treatment, many journalists reporting on these studies have dubbed the lab-made psilocybin capsules used in scientific research as “synthetic magic mushrooms.”

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However does such a simplification ignore the range of potentially psychoactive compounds found in these mushrooms, most of which we currently know little about? By shining the media spotlight on psilocybin, we may be oversimplifying the effect that magic mushrooms, themselves—as a whole—have on those consuming them.

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The entourage effect is an idea originally coined from the cannabis industry that some have applied to magic mushrooms: It proposes that the sum of a whole plant’s chemical constituents is greater than its parts. In the case of cannabis, it’s believed that cannabinoids other than THC or CBD, such as CBN or CBG, not to mention the plant’s load of aromatic compounds called terpenes, all potentiate each other in a holistic, synergistic effect. In magic mushrooms, the amounts of potentially psychoactive chemical compounds, or “alkaloids” as they’re more commonly known, can vary among species, growing conditions, and even the methods used to analyze them in the lab. So let’s take a look at some of these lesser known alkaloids, and what is currently known about their possible contribution to a magic mushroom experience.

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Psilocybe Baeocystis is the current star of the show in the so-called psychedelic renaissance, as scientists study its effects to treat anxiety, depression, addiction, eating disorders, and more. Psilocybin has been discovered in over 200 species of mushrooms, mostly from the eponymous genus Psilocybe where it’s been found in 116 species. In addition to appearing in fungi, there’s been at least one study indicating that it may be present in a rare lichen (a symbiotic combination of fungi and algae) called Dictyonema huaorani, from Amazonian Ecuador.

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